In a Post-Truth Era

To Know Your Country Is To Love Your Country

The False Choice: Socialism vs. Capitalism

There’s been a lot of talk about socialism vs. capitalism, and how the U.S. is not in any way a socialist country. In fact, we have managed to mix in a little bit of socialism with our capitalism…without becoming a totalitarian state. It’s about time we learn that socialism vs. capitalism is a false choice.

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Fact Checking Immigration Claims by the White House

Fact Checking Immigration Claims by the White House

The topic of immigration has become nearly inescapable in the past few weeks, as a flurry of reporting on the separation of migrant families has hit the presses. The “zero tolerance” practices initiated by the Trump administration have prompted a veritable storm of public outcry.

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White House Continues to Run Bannon’s Chaos Strategy

Is President Trump’s “recklessness” in affairs of state really that reckless? Mounting evidence suggests that the White House is running a so-called chaos strategy, designed by none other than self-declared Leninist and former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon.

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The 2020 Presidential Playing Field

Nearly two years into President Trump’s first term, many Democrats have their sights set on the 2020 election. But if the Democrats want to win the presidency, they need to redefine the party and set a rallying cry more compelling and unifying than “we’re against Trump.”

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California Woman Forces Border Patrol Off a Bus

It was an ordinary day in Southern California when Tiana Smalls boarded a Greyhound bus to travel from Bakersfield to Las Vegas to visit her family. But all that changed when the driver announced that the bus was being boarded by Customs and Border Patrol.

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Law School Graduate Goes on Welfare

Society generally perceives people on welfare as being lazy, uneducated, low-skilled freeloaders. For those of you who find yourself agreeing with this stereotype, we invite you to consider the case of a law school graduate who was forced to go on government assistance.

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