1. He understands that complex problems like global terrorism demand nuanced, thoughtful and comprehensive solutions, not cowboy rhetoric, lies, torture, unilateralism and military occupations funded by foreign debt.

2. He will invest in healthcare and education by reversing the Bush tax cuts for those making more than $250,000 and by closing tax loopholes for corporations. Also, by cutting military spending and getting us out of Iraq. We used to call this fiscal conservatism. Even Reagan raised taxes several times after his initial cuts.

3. He has raised most of his money from small individual donations, not from lobbyists and wealthy donors. He is much more likely to make independent decisions free from special interests — unlike McCain, who has 7 former lobbyists in top advisory positions in his campaign. Obama was smart to opt out of public financing, because he can raise more money on his own, which he will need to fight back all the Republican lies and smears.

4. He has been a leader in the Senate for increased veterans benefits, while McCain has consistently opposed them.

5. His platform represents a real change from the policy of the past 28 years. We’ve now had the luxury of enjoying nearly 30 straight years of the Republican revolution (Clinton implemented welfare-to-work, NAFTA, and signed banking de-regulation — he was easily the most conservative democratic president of the 20th century), and our country is poorer, less educated, less healthy and has more people in jail than the rest of the western world. I think it’s high time we let go of the myth that government has no role to play in helping to promote the public good. Unfettered, unregulated free markets have been a huge boon to those who are already powerful and wealthy, and who then use their power to take advantage of the little guy…ie Enron and the mortgage crisis. If supply-side economics worked, we would have seen its benefits by now.

6. Obama is pro-choice.

7. Obama will promote the development of alternative energy, McCain has consistently voted against all legislation to promote alternative energy.

8. Obama has an experienced running mate, who complements his candidacy. McCain has an inexperienced running mate who has repeatedly lied about her experience as a reformer. Did you hear she charged the state of Alaska per diem charges for 300 nights she spent staying in her own house? And, she promoted the “bridge to nowhere” as part of her campaign for Governor. She only said “thanks, but no thanks” after the Alaska legislature voted to de-fund it and then she went ahead and took the earmark for the bridge and spent it on other pet projects. Reform? No, more of the same.

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