A poll from last summer shows the geographic distribution of US citizens who believe Obama is a US citizen. The fact that more than half of the people who live in the South do not believe President Obama is a US Citizen also explains why Harry Reid is having such a hard time getting a health care bill through the Senate. It’s not a mere coincidence that Democratic Senators from Arkansas and Florida are giving Reid such a hard time while their states are chocked full of Obama-is-not-a-citizen believing denizens. Perhaps the Administration needs to do a better job getting copies of the birth certificate posted throughout shopping malls of the south, maybe a road-show where they display the actual birth certificate in a Pope-mobile style trailer. If such a large percentage of US citizens do not believe their President or their government is legitimate, the harder it will be to pass any legislation that establishes new government programs, even if the vast majority of Americans want public works and public options as we do with health care.

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