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To the Honorable Edward R. Royce,

I am disappointed in your recent vote against the extension of unemployment insurance and I urge you to vote for any new bills that provide not only unemployment benefits, but any short-term stimulus measures such as infrastructure projects and state budget relief that helps schools and state services. We recently pulled our kids out of Los Alamitos public schools and put them in private school because class-sizes are getting too big.

Without appropriate investments in our public schools and in new industries that create sustainable job growth, we may never completely recover from this recession. Endless tax-cuts and a failure to adequately invest in public services will certainly relegate California and the U.S. to second-tier nation status as China and India rise.

The free-market has no conscience and no rudder, and cannot solve all our problems. Government must sometimes step forward to help solve big problems and adequately serve the interests of the people. Deficit-reduction and austerity measures can wait until we get this economy back on its rails. I urge you to vote for more stimulus spending until private industry is able to create enough innovation and the long-term jobs necessary to grow the economy.

Eric Forst

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