Myth: Muslims are a large percentage of the U.S. population and Sharia is a real threat.The average American believes that Muslims make up 17% of the US population, and one in three Americans worry that Shariah law will be applied in the U.S.
Fact: Muslims represent one of the smallest religious minorities at around 1% and the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution means that it would take Constitutional amendment in order for any part of Sharia to become the law of the land if that part of Sharia does not conform to federal or state law.

The very purpose of terrorism is to strike fear, but a tiny radicalized minority of Muslims cannot and do not represent all of Islam. And yet, many Americans are fearful, believing that Islam is one of the greatest threats to our nation because it is fundamentally violent and anti-American. Sharia law is said to be spreading throughout the country. Not all Muslims are terrorists, as the saying goes, but most terrorists are Muslim. Has our fear triumphed over facts and reason? FBI crime statistics show that native born, Christians actually commit and attempt the majority of domestic terrorist acts. 

At Civics Nation, we believe that Muslim Americans are every bit as American as followers of any other faith and have the same right to equal protection under the law as other Americans.

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