A photo of President Donald Trump delivering a speech at a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

President Donald Trump delivers a speech at a campaign rally in Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Photo credit: Evan El-Amin / Shutterstock

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is the latest Republican to take a verbal swing at President Trump.

The insulting remark was made during last night’s final gubernatorial debate, in which Baker faced off against Democratic rival Jay Gonzalez. Both candidates were asked to describe President Trump using three words.

“Only three?” Baker responded. “Outrageous, disgraceful, and a divider.”

As Politico reports, it was one of only a handful of points that the two contenders could agree on. But unfortunately for Gonzalez, it was not the answer he was looking for. The Democratic challenger spent much of the campaign season trying to associate Baker with Trump due to the fact that both of them are Republicans. It was Gonzalez’s only shot of defeating Baker, who was ranked the most popular governor in the U.S.

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Photo: Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. Attribution: Rich Koele / Shutterstock

Baker has made an active effort to distance himself from the president—and for good reason. The state of Massachusetts has the highest Trump disapproval rating in the entire country. It is for that reason that Baker has pushed back on some of Trump’s most controversial views, including health care, Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, and family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Political analysts say that keeping Trump at arm’s length is part of what has allowed Baker to obtain such a wide margin in his reelection campaign. A recent poll shows that he has a 68-25 lead over Gonzalez. Even more remarkable: 48 percent of Democrats said they would vote for the Republican governor, as opposed to 45 percent who said they would vote for Gonzalez.

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