Migrant Caravan Besieged By Fake News

Immigration opponents are spreading misinformation about the migrant caravan in the hopes of manipulating the American public. One such rumor, perpetuated by President Trump, is that there are “unknown Middle Easterners” amongst the travelers.

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Three Women May Be Running for President in 2020

Analysts have pinpointed three prominent female Democrats that are expected to make a run for it in 2020: Senator Kamala Harris of California, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.

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GOP’s Trend of Demonizing Dissent Should Be a Warning

From wanting to forbid protests in public areas of Washington, D.C., to a constant stream of performative victimization, President Trump and the Republican party “have all agreed on a central message: Democratic protest is wrong and dangerous in itself.”

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