At Civics Nation, we see a handful of core myths driving much of the policy-making and voting in the US, and we’ve organized our site and its content into these thirteen categories of myth-making:

Size of Government

big business

The Road to Serfdom?

Myth: Americans think government spending has increased dramatically, especially under the Obama administration. Fact: Government spending as a...

Trickle-Down Economics

trickle-down economics

A Rising Tide?

Myth: Nearly a third of Americans still believe the discredited “trickle-down” theory that tax cuts for the wealthy results in greater wealth for...

Second Amendment

gun control

A Well-Regulated Militia?

Myth: More than six in ten Americans say guns make homes safer. Fact: Research suggests that firearms in the home actually increase the risk of...



Your Own Bootstraps?

Myth: Americans believe welfare is a huge part of the budget, and estimate that we spend four times the actual price tag. Fact: Welfare is less than...

First Amendment


Judeo-Christian Values?

Myth: A majority of Americans believe that the United States was founded as a Christian nation. Fact: The First Amendment of the Constitution...

Women’s Rights

Is Planned Parenthood nothing but an abortion mill? Are your tax dollars being used to pay for abortions? Find out here.

The Abortion Scourge?

Myth: Many Americans believe Planned Parenthood is essentially an abortion mill. Fact: Abortions account for around 3% of the services performed by...

Foreign Aid

Does foreign aid comprise as much of the federal budget as Americans think?

Vast Global Conspiracy?

Myth: The average American believes foreign aid is 31% of the federal budget. Fact: Our entire foreign aid budget is only 1% of the budget, or about...


Racism is real, and it's still happening.

Racism? What Racism?

Myth: Since Ronald Reagan popularized the expression in 1976, the “welfare queen” has remained one of our most durable racist myths. Fact: Most...



Invading Hordes?

Myth: Americans believe immigrants are 33% of the population. Fact: They are only 13% and undocumented immigrants are only 3%. Since childhood,...


Muslim girl inside

Barbarians at the Gate?

Myth: Muslims are a large percentage of the U.S. population and Sharia is a real threat.The average American believes that Muslims make up 17% of...

Climate Science

Climate change

A Climate Change Hoax?

Myth: At least 50% of Americans do not believe in anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change. Fact: The overwhelming majority of climatologists...

Culture of Fear

Is violent crime as much of a problem as many believe?

Crime Run Amok?

Myth: Most Americans think violent crime in the US is at an all-time high. Fact: Violent crime has actually fallen to historic lows. We’re...

News Media Bias

Does the news media have a liberal bias? Not really.

Lame-Stream Media?

Myth: A sizeable number of Americans believe that news media have a liberal bias. Fact: When you believe things that aren’t true, the truth sounds...
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