News Media Bias

Myth: A sizeable number of Americans believe that news media have a liberal bias.
Fact: When you believe things that aren’t true, the truth sounds like bias.

We have not only a right, but a responsibility to be wary of biased news media. But healthy skepticism has been transmuted into the widely-held belief that mainstream news media have an obvious liberal bias and a mission to spread left-wing propaganda. Even popular culture icons from Hollywood to the NFL are commonly thought to despise America and contribute to that bias.

Where does credibility end and sensationalism begin when it comes to the news? Are opinion pieces the new fact-based reporting? And how can we tell the difference?

Fact-Checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Fact-Checking Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Since her surprise primary victory over incumbent Rep. Joseph Crowley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has become something of a media star. She’s given quite a few interviews, but the Washington Post fact-checked statements she made and found that some of them were not true.

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